DB TAC Upper Slot Torque Block 360 Degree Vise Rod Wrench Armorer’s Tool .308 Plate form Gold Color


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Designed to securely hold an upper assembly for maintenance and assembly, the Reaction Rod engages the splines in the barrel extension, allowing the stress to be placed on the 7075 T6 Aluminum barrel extension, instead of the softer aluminum receiver.

Simply clamp the rod into a bench vise in the desired position and slide the upper receiver and barrel onto the rod.

This allows the user to torque down barrel nuts, install flash hiders, gas blocks and Handguards with ease.

This eliminates all worry about twisting or cracking the fragile upper receiver and even allows work to be performed without removing sights and optics from the receiver’s top rail.

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It is made of Hard Aluminum Alloy 7075 T6 and anodized Gold Color Finish
Upper Slot Torque Block 360 Degree Vise Rod Wrench Armorer’s Tool 308 Plate form
Because of the Upper Slot Torque System, a revolutionary renovation, this Armorer’s Tool is excellent for  .308
of the same plate form.
When do the Barrel Jobs, Enject the Torque Block out and slide it into the Upper Slot.
After finished of the Barrel Jobs, Press down the Torque Block, now you can 360 degree turn the Upper to do any jobs of the Upper.
It come with a Pouch
High Strength and will hold more than 87.5 LB Torque

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