DB TAC INC .223 5.56 .308 Armorer Wrench Tool Kit Multi Purpose Tool All in one Combo Tool


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This unique multi purpose wrench tool kit is a great tool for .223/556 and .308 caliber rifles.
.223 and .308 jam nuts for free float rails.
.223 and .308 flash hiders, and the slot for a torque wrench.
This is for the installation of free floating rails only, It will not work for LR308DPMS . It will not work for your standard barrel nut.
It is one piece solid steel cut to design, and finished with a very nice and rugged powder coat finish reminiscent of 120 grit sand paper.
Multi Caliber Armorer’s Wrench is constructed of hardened heat treated steel and finished with a hard coat powder coated black finish for a satin black finish that holds well in your hands.
It will not only work on your barrel nut but also tighten down both jam nut/locking nuts, flash hiders, and your castle nut for buttstock installations.
This multi purpose tool should be in every owner’s toolbox.

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This unique multi purpose wrench tool kit is a great tool for 223 and 308 caliber rifles.
Its one piece solid steel design ensures its durability, multi function and easy to stock.
It can work perfectly on the free float barrel nuts, also can tighten down both jam nuts/locking nuts, flash hiders and castle nuts for buttstock installations.

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