DB TAC 14-1 LH Thread (Left Hand Thread) For 7.62×39 mm Muzzle Brake Device


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14×1 LH Thread for 7.62×39 mm

Industrial Grade Steel

Black Oxide Finish

Left handed thread

Measures 1.5″ 

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14-1 LH Thread Fits onto most AK threaded barrels Overview Due to the centerline of the barrel, and contact points with the shooter, (grip, butt plate) the recoil tends to move the muzzle up and to the right under automatic or rapid firing from a right handed shooter. The slant break was born. The basic muzzle nut was slanted to compensate for the upward movement of the barrel. Installed on the typical 14mm left hand threads and held in place by the barrel bushing lock and lock spring. The slant is typically angled slightly to the right to counteract the sideways movement of the gun under heavy recoil

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Muzzle Brake


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