DB TAC INC 7.62×54mm Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips 9130 M44 Magazine Speed Loader


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10 PCS
Allows easier reload
Hold 5 round per clip
Desighed for 7.62×54 ammo
Remove the clip after push the 5 ammos into the magzine
Material: Spring type metal
Color: silver

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Loading & Using the Enfield Stripper Clip

Turn bolt handle up as far as it will go and pull straight back to the limit of travel.

Insert a loaded stripper clip into the clip guide in the receiver and strip / push the cartridges down into the magazine.

Remove the empty clip.

Insert a second clip, push these cartridges down and remove clip, This will leave the magazine fully charged/loaded with 10 cartridges.

Then push the bolt handle fully forward and down and that loads the firing chamber, cocks and locks ready for firing with a pull of the trigger.

Unless the weapon is to be fired immediately, pull the thumb rocker on the left rear of the receiver to “Safe.”

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