A cleaning patch trap is a device that is attached to the muzzle of a firearm. It comes with an adjustable strap. Along with this, it also secures a water bottle or a plastic soda in order to catch used cleaning patches. Moreover, the catcher also prevents dripping and solvent spatter. It’ll also keep your work as well as clothes clean. When you are done with the cleaning patch trap, one just simply needs to unscrew the bottle easily and quickly and dispose of the dirty patches, oils, and solvents.

 Cleaning Patch Trap


Tipton cleaning patch traps help a lot in cleaning in the barrel.


A device named as cleaning rod which is generally known as a firearm maintenance tool is used for cleaning the inner part of a gun’s barrel. A cleaning rod comes in various sizes which are used on different barrel lengths, gauges, calibers. Talking about its appearance, it looks like a long, sturdy, straight, and thin rod. It is made up of rigid plastic, metal or carbon fiber. A cleaning rod comes with a handle at one end for gripping. Moreover, the other end comes with threadings for attaching cleaning accessories.

Generally, a breech-end extension tube which is often known as a rod guide or bore guide. A rod guide is used with the purpose of conjunction along with the cleaning rod. This is done in order to prevent the cleaning solvent from spilling out. Along with this, it is also used for keeping the rod supported as well as centered in the bore. It is centered with the intention of minimizing the potential damage to riflings.

Just like a muzzle guard or muzzle guide, it might be used if it is required to insert the cleaning rod from the muzzle which is at the end of the firearm. This is done for protecting the crown of the muzzle from mechanical damage.

A cleaning cord is often called a bore snake. A bore snake is an alternative to the cleaning rod. The most prominent feature of a bore snake is that it is flexible fabric cord. It comes with a tapered thin end at which some weight is attached. Initially, feeding of the cord is done through the breech end of the barrel. The moment when a thin end is fed through the other end, then the rest of the cord is dragged in the direction of the muzzle while scrubbing the bore all along its way.

Moreover, a bore snake comes with one or more than one integrated brushes which help in cleaning away the stubborn contaminants. Along with this, it might also be used for applying the lubricants.

 Cleaning Patch Trap


Firearm maintenance means taking care of a gun. It is a sequence of periodic preventive maintenance procedures that aims at the proper functioning of a firearm. This is often done by using the different specialized tools along with chemical solutions. Generally, the maintenance is performed by the owner of the firearm. This is done in two ways, either by using simple methods such as cleaning the firearm with cleansing solutions or with oil. The second way is with some sophisticated practices which include lubricating moving parts with grease or oil. Along with this, it is also done by recoating the exposed surfaces with protective finishes such as bluing or varnishing.

Whenever a firearm appears with physical damage, it is relevant to the general use of the firearm or in the case when a firearm malfunctions in a life-threatening manner.


The general fire actions release fine particles of metals, gunpowder, and other contaminants into the inner parts of a firearm. This activity can make the firearm to malfunction or the extreme build-up might result in exploding the firearm on firing because of too much high-pressure.

It has been said that the firearms which do not have springs for controlling the inertia of the firing pin, they are required to clean the bolt assembly regularly. This is so because various dangerous phenomena, for example, slamfire might occur.

Slamfire is nothing but a malfunction. In a slamfire, a firearm that is generally semi-automatic might involuntarily and temporarily can result in firing repeatedly, fully automatic even without pulling the trigger another time. This is done until the firearm is out of jams or ammunitions.

Every leading firearm manufacturer provides information on the proper methods which are used for disassembling, resembling, and cleaning of the firearm produced by them.

So, these were the different ways in which clean patch traps assist in cleaning the barrels.