Upgrading the Charging Handle

Upgrading the Charging Handle

Making an upgrade for your AR rifle from the standard A2 Charging Handle is a vital choice that professional shooters know to never overlook. The quality charging handle, also known as a cocking handle or bolt handle, is an important part of your AR build. The good news is that If you are building a custom AR-15, this is one of the smallest and easiest upgrades you can make is swapping the charging handle.

The angle or lack thereof on your tactical charging handle is important, because top-mounted optics most times obstruct the motion of your hand of course, you would want a smooth and fast motion. To fix this, is to Upgrade the Charging Handle which keeps your hands away from mounted optics and operates smoothly and reliably whether you prefer grip is: palm-blading, a finger-thumb pinch, or claw grab. Though most of us may never be use it while in harm’s way, but you still want it to work properly everytime!

Here is just some of the features the charging handle helps you:

• Operating the charging handle pulls back on the bolt carrier group, the bolt carrier group rides over the hammer. Loading it and preparing the fire control group for the next ignition cycle.

• Engaging the bolt by pulling back on the charging handle, it serves the function of clearing spent shell cases or unfired rounds

• In addition to the above functions, engaging the bolt by operating the charging handle will help clear various types of malfunctions such as double-feeding, stovepipes, and it can help clear these malfunctions. Obviously, failure to fire malfunctions are very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Always seek out professional assistance with this malfunction if you think a live round may still go off.

NOTE: Please keep all firearms, loaded or unloaded, pointed in a safe direction at all times.

• Verifies that no rounds or other objects are obstructing your chamber. Operating the charging handle allows you to open the bolt and visually confirm there is nothing obstructing the chamber of your AR platform.

The size of the charging handle latch not only affects your grip, but it may also increase wear on the charging handle and gas key. As a general rule, larger latches increase wear and smaller latches decrease grip. Experianced shooters should have learned to look for optimum shape and texture based on the platform they are building. Textured thumb grooves will improve grip. A flat, level AR Charging Handle makes for slippery grip because it may slant backwards when pulled. Your charging handle should be easy to operate from different stances and hand positions, while wearing heavy gloves, or when clearing a malfunction, so make sure to consider what will work for you.

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If you have ANY questions about a specific charging handle and want advice from an expert, our product specialists are on hand to lend you their years of expertise, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!